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UNE constitutes its new Board of Directors


?????Yesterday, 20 December, the new Board of Directors of the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, following the elections held on 29 November, as provided for in the Statutes of the Entity.

The new Board of Directors is made up of 71 members representing almost all Spanish economic sectors and several public administrations, in a successful model of public-private collaboration based on dialogue and consensus. The new Board of Directors will enrich UNE's contribution to society due to its great diversity of members in terms of their sector of origin, professional profile, experience, gender, age, and so on.

This is the first year in which all the Association's Governing Bodies are completely renewed: Board of Directors, Standing Committee, Chairman's Office, Vice Chair and Treasury. This means that no renewal will take place for the next 4 years. These Governing Bodies ensure the relevance of the Association's activities in addressing major societal challenges, especially those related to sustainability and digital transformation.

This electoral process has been characterised by a high level of participation, which demonstrates the interest that standardisation activities arouse among the different actors and society in general.

New Chairman

Alfredo Berges (General Director of ANFALUM) was appointed as the new Chairman of the Spanish standards body in a vote held on 20 December among the members of the Board of Directors, as foreseen in the Statutes of the Association. Berges has served as Vice Chair of UNE since 2018.

"It is an immense honour that the members of UNE have entrusted me with the Chairmanship of the Association. For years I have been working with conviction about the unique role that UNE and standardisation play for the shared progress of society and the creation of a safer, more sustainable and competitive world. I take on the Chairmanship with great enthusiasm and I am convinced that, with the joint effort of our members, the Spanish economic sectors and public administrations, we will all manage to provide an effective response to the great challenges of society, through the development of technical norms and standards, within the framework of the UNE 2025 Strategy. This will be one of my main priorities," said Alfredo Berges.

Alfredo Berges takes over as Chairman of UNE after Carlos Esteban completed his two terms of office, as established in the Entity's statutory framework. Carlos Esteban was appointed Chairman of the Association in 2015 and he has consolidated the Spanish standardisation body as a social and economic benchmark. This was evident in the Entity's critical response to winning the battle against the coronavirus with its various measures.

Luis Rodulfo, President of CEPCO (Confederaci�n Espa�ola de Asociaciones de Fabricantes de Productos de Construcci�n), has been elected Vice-Chair of UNE.

The Standing Committee is also made up of �scar Querol (AFME); Edmundo Fern�ndez (AMETIC); M�nica de la Cruz (ANAIP); Jos� Luis D�ez (ASEFAPI); Segundo de Pablo (FACEL); Alicia Garc�a-Franco (FER); Mar�a Moreno (SEOPAN); Juan Ram�n Dur�n (SERCOBE) and Jos� Manu?el Prieto (MINCOTUR).