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UNE, with the European Ecobulk R&D&i Project

UNE, with the European Ecobulk R&D&i Project


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has attended a new meeting of the European Ecobulk R&D&i Project, within the framework of Horizon 2020. UNE is a partner for standardization tasks in this European consortium.

ECOBULK is an initiative on a circular economy that will demonstrate that the reuse, updating, restoration and recycling of composite products is possible, profitable, sustainable and attractive. It focuses on the automotive, furniture and construction sectors.

The project adopts a comprehensive system approach to address the different stages of the circular life cycle and to provide solutions that fit well and can complete the model for real life applications.

The project will also be applicable to other sectors of the economy, as it will address some common problems in all sectors.

The meeting was held at the Institute of Composite Polymers and Biomaterials in Pozzuoli (Italy) with the aim of carrying out the review of the project in its 30th month.