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UNE, alongside the great lighting event


The third edition of the TRANSFORMING LIGHTING 2019 event, organised by the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM), in collaboration with the Spanish Standardisation Association, UNE, will be held on 27 June.

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium will host this event, and over 300 professionals and managers from various sectors are expected to attend: from energy companies, banks or construction companies, to manufacturers or leaders in the technology industry and members of the Government. A meeting point whose aim is to contemplate the future by sharing different perspectives, challenges and opportunities, making lighting a more competitive, innovative industry.

ANFALUM plays an active role in standardisation, being a founding member of UNE, the Spanish Standardisation Association. As such, it has developed standards for lighting products (luminaires) and their safety-related components as required by applicable Directives (Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility).

These Ecodesign Directives, by incorporating Energy Efficiency criteria, have subsequently governed the course of action and led to the development of new standards. The disappearance of traditional lighting sources (lamps) and the irruption of LEDs on the market has led to the development of new standards, crucial for companies in the lighting industry, with ANFALUM fully involved in the process.

ANFALUM, an associated founded in 1981, has 87 manufacturers of luminaires, light sources, components, lighting regulation and control systems, lighting poles and columns, representing the entire Spanish sector.