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UNE and Word Refrigeration Day

UNE and Word Refrigeration Day


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has participated in the event "COOL CAREERS for a better world" on the occasion of World Refrigeration Day, organised by AEFYT (Association of Refrigeration Companies and their Technologies), AFAR (Association of Andalusian Refrigeration Manufacturers) and AFEC (Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers).

Paloma García, Director of Standardisation Programmes and Stakeholders at UNE, took part in the round table discussion Society 4.0: Industrialisation, Technology, Installation and Sustainability, in which leading experts from various organisations participated. 

The representative of UNE underlined how the multi-sectoral nature of UNE contributes to the necessary cooperation of sectors to achieve digitisation, which should be understood as the best way to improve productivity and competitiveness, and not as an end in itself.

Paloma García discussed how the UNE 0060 and UNE 0061 Specifications are tools that facilitate digital transformation in the HVAC sector. Developed with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, these specifications adopt a business management approach to put industry 4.0 projects into practice.

The specifications establish the evaluation requirements and criteria that allow industry of any activity or size to be considered digital.