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UNE hosts the General Assembly of ANFALUM

UNE hosts the General Assembly of ANFALUM


On 26 June, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, hosted the General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM), which reported the main figures from the sector in 2018.

The event began with a speech by Julián Caballero, UNE's Deputy Managing Director, who welcomed all the ANFALUM members and underlined how happy the Spanish standardization organization was to host this meeting of one of its founding members.

Pilar Vázquez, President of ANFALUM, and Alfredo Berges, Director General of the Association, then spoke, explaining the main lines that defined the management of the Association in 2018.

During the meeting, presentations were given by the heads of foreign market commissions, market inspection, training, and communications and image.

The assembly highlighted the challenges facing the lighting and lighting sector, which is fully committed to digitization and adapting products to European standards that ensure quality and respect for the environment, without forgetting the commercial drive of associated companies both in the domestic market and trade missions abroad.

ANFALUM is an organization that is deeply committed to standardization and actively participates in developing standards that support the improved quality and competitiveness of products and companies in the lighting sector, while helping them in other areas, such as energy efficiency.

ANFALUM, an associated founded in 1981, has 87 manufacturers of luminaires, light sources, components, lighting regulation and control systems, lighting poles and columns, representing the entire Spanish sector.