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UNE 179009 Health services

UNE 179009 Health services


​Sistemas de gestión de la calidad para las unidades de nutrición y dietética en adultos La norma UNE 179009 Servicios sanitarios. Quality management systems for adult nutrition and dietetics units establish the requirements needed to set up a quality management system for Multidisciplinary units in health services.

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Units are multidisciplinary teams comprising practitioners, nurses, dietitians and nutritionists, higher technicians in dietetics, pharmacists and other health professionals. Their main goal is to manage nutritional and metabolic diseases by helping to maintain and improve the nutritional status of patients.

This standard lays down the specific requirements for these Units, thus giving medical professionals a better understanding of the requirements. The aim is to achieve continuous improvement in the Units' quality management systems, resulting in an improvement in the quality of life of patients.