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UNE 166008:2012 and UNE-ISO 15489-1:2016 are available in Catalan


​The Centre for Terminology, TERMCAT, has created the Catalan version of the standards UNE 166008:2012 and UNE-ISO 15489-1:2016. The standard UNE 166008:2012 “R&D management: The purpose of "Technology transfer" is to establish requirements for the performance of the transfer of R&D&I technological activities or those that are necessary for their development, including the identification of potential assets for transferability, the determination of their reasonable value and the arrangement of the transfer. Por its part, the standard UNE-ISO 15489-1:2016 “Information and documentation. Document management. Part 1: Concepts and principles” defines the concepts and principles used to develop approaches for creating, capturing and managing documents.