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A Spaniard, chairman of the European standards committee for Hyperloop


The recently created European standardisation technical committee CEN/CLC/JTC 20 Hyperloop Systems has appointed Spaniard Jaime Tamarit as its Chairman.

This is a new Spanish success, which is added to the fact that this European committee was created following the proposal of our country. The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, is the company responsible for the development of standardisation in Spain and is the Spanish representative before international standardisation organisations.

This appointment is essential to maintain the leadership and influence of Spanish industry in developing key standards that will ensure the safety and interoperability of the new Hyperloop transport systems throughout Europe.

Hyperloop is a revolutionary new transport system, which will allow it to reach 1,000 kilometres per hour.

Jaime has extensive experience in the implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), leading and participating in numerous European research and development projects to ensure the interoperability of railway networks.

The CEN/CLC/JTC 20 Committee will develop standards for all the systems, products, services and applications related to the Hyperloop transport system.

UNE has recently formed the CTN 326, the channel of Spanish influence in the drafting of Hyperloop standards.

UNE carries the voice of Spanish experts to the European and international forums at which key standards are discussed for the competitiveness of Spanish economic sectors.

Spanish experts head around 130 international and European technical standardisation bodies.