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Fire-fighting water supply systems

Fire-fighting water supply systems


​Se acaba de publicar la nueva versión de la norma has just been published on "Fire-fighting water supply systems", which cancels and replaces its previous 2012 version.

The use of water as an extinguishing agent for fixed fire extinguishing systems is widely used, such as the use of sprinklers, hydrants, water mist, water spray, fitted fire hydrants and other system types. The CTN 23 Fire Safety committee is responsible for drafting this standard.

With the experience gained from implementing the previous version of this standard by equipment manufacturers, designers, fitters, maintenance workers and users, all working under the CTN 23 umbrella, this reference standard has been improved in many ways: editorial corrections have been made and efforts have been taken to clarify, for example, areas regarding water supply selection and sources.

Furthermore, the criteria for warnings and alarms has been changed and now complies with UNE-EN 12845:2014; dimensioning of the general pipeline network to ensure pressure conditions in worst-case scenarios; or the different possible locations to fit pumping equipment, taking into account real project possibilities.

This new revision undoubtedly provides a better definition and description of the technical aspects to be considered in the design of fire-fighting water supply systems, based on multiple graphs and guaranteeing technical consistency with other applicable norms included in the UNE standards' catalogue.