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Unmanned aerial systems – drones

Unmanned aerial systems – drones


​UNE has recently held a workshop on Unmanned aerial vehicles

In recent years the drone sector has undergone an extraordinary evolution, not only in the global market, but also in Spain. Every day we see new applications and services provided by these aircraft, which, with their versatility and efficiency, demonstrate clear advantages with respect to traditional solutions. The constant improvements in the technology and performance of these airborne platforms are expanding their areas of use and they are fast becoming very useful tools in a wide range of services and production sectors.

Through its CTN 28 SC 2 Unmanned Aerial Systems Technical Standardisation Committee, UNE participates in the development of the ISO international standards of the sector. To achieve a suitable acceptance and development of the sector in its widest sense, a fundamental factor is the identification and subsequent participation of all agents who can exercise a decisive influence on the preparation of the necessary technical standards that will allow their full integration into the Air Transportation System, the rest of the sectors in general and society as a whole, in as balanced a way as possible.

Participants in the workshop ranged from specialised training companies to designers, manufacturers and business and recreational users.