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Seven experts highlight the importance and necessity of the Market Surveillance Observatory


​​​​​​​​In the framework of the Market Surveillance Observatory, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published a new video with a compilation of different interviews carried out since 1 June with various experts from public administrations, market surveillance authorities, and relevant Spanish associations and members of UNE.

The aim was to give new impetus to the importance of complying with technical standards and current legislation in order to continue working to prevent unsafe or harmful products and services from reaching end consumers. It is also essential to highlight the harm created by not following standards and norms, which can seriously damage the wider economy.  

The interviews were conducted by Alfredo Berges, president of the MSO and vice-president of UNE. The experts who participated in the campaign were: Isabel Linares, UNE's Head of Industry and Facilities; Nelson Castro, Member of the Advisory Board of the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs; José Antonio Delgado, Head of the Industrial Safety Department of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Jorge Iñesta, Deputy Director General for Industry and Inspection of the Community of Madrid; Pilar Espina, Director General of ADELMA; Alberto Zapatero, Managing Director of APPLIA; and Manuel Carrillo, Director of the AIDIMME Technical Unit in Madrid.

The MSO is formed by more than 30 business organisations and the Ministries of Consumer Affairs, Industry, Trade and Tourism, and Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.  ​

The imporance of Market Surveillance