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Road safety with a new UNE Standard

Improved road safety with a new UNE Standard


The Spanish road network has thousands of kilometres of roads with ditches at the shoulders, designed to enable the drainage of rainwater and provide access to property. These require work to maintain the slope of the ditch, otherwise known as culverts. These accesses are critical for the safety of drivers in the event of an accident and must be conserved. Specifically, run-off-road crashes represent 15% of accidents, according to the Directorate-General for Traffic.

To respond effectively to this problem, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published the Standard UNE 135126 Sistemas de protección de los pasos salvacunetas (SPPS). Clases de comportamiento, métodos de ensayo y evaluación de la conformidad.

This UNE Standard aims to be the benchmark to guarantee the minimum quality of these systems and to become the document of reference in the various specifications, orders and other legislation on road safety.

The UNE 135126 Standard establishes performance requirements and defines levels, in terms of passive safety, of systems designed to reduce the seriousness of accidents, in the event of impact against culverts in the road network.

Recommendations applicable to protection systems in culverts are established, and these are either executed in situ or prefabricated, regardless of the type of road (dual carriageway, or single-carriageway), their design and the type of traffic.

Technical standards efficiently support the regulation and deployment of public policies. To highlight this, 12% of UNE Standards catalogue appear in national legislation.