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UNE Magazine, latest issue now available


​The latest issue of the UNE magazine is now available: 

  • What the members are saying: "Harmonised standards are fundamental to give legal certainty to the manufacturer." Interview with José Antonio Pastor, Chairman of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ).
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible consumption and production. The implementation of various actions in the area of Circular Economy, such as the creation of CTN 323 or the Advisory Committee on this matter, are some of the UNE measures that foster the attainment of SDG 12.
  • Standardisation in action: CTN/GET 19 Property management, related services and processes. It works on the standardisation of the Facility Management (FM) and has eight standards in force, including UNE-EN ISO 41001 on the management of properties and support services
  • Standards in our life: House - 4/5 bedrooms. Many experts point out that sleeping well is as important and beneficial as eating a proper diet or playing sports on a regular basis. Several UNE standards favour bedrooms being places where we can get that rest.
  • E-TECH, the IEC magazine: AI standards help speed up the digitisation of smart manufacturing. One of the key drivers of digital transformation is smart manufacturing.

In addition:

The digital edition includes links to the ISO and IEC magazines and to the supplement Normas al día (Updated standards). 

You can read it on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media #RevistaUNE.