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UNE Magazine, latest issue now available


​The latest issue of the UNE magazine is now available

  • The Standards support the new Structural CodeThe new Structural Code enters into force on 10 November. The more than 300 UNE standards referenced in it serve as the basis for verifying the conformity of the products and processes regulated in the code. Once again, standardisation plays an important role as a support tool for legislators.
  • Consumer protection and fair competition. Strict compliance with legislation and requirements such as the protection of health and safety, consumers, the environment, public safety or any other public interest make fair competition in the market possible. Initiatives such as the UNE Market Surveillance Observatory (MSO) strengthen public-private partnerships between Administrations and companies, and contribute to complying with European legislation.
  • Good practices for preventing doping in sport. The new UNE-EN 17444:2021 on the prevention of doping in sport will promote good development and manufacturing practices to prevent the presence of banned substances in food and dietary supplements for athletes.
  • European standardisation as a support for innovation and industry. FormPlanet, a European innovation project, develops new testing methods for the characterisation of metallic materials. As a result of its activity, two CWAs have just been published as references for the design and marketing of the project's future characterisation services. 
  • CTN 102 Plaster and plaster-based products. The plaster and plaster-derivatives industry faces the challenge of implementing greater sustainability in not only the extraction and production processes, but also in the installation processes and waste management at the end of the useful life. The work of the CTN 102 helps meet this challenge.
  • Standards in our life: Photovoltaic plant. Technical standards contribute to the proper functioning of photovoltaic plants. Thus, they include requirements for the design, approval and qualification, transport and assembly of photovoltaic modules, so that sunlight can be reliably and in a long-lasting way converted into electricity.

In addition:

The digital edition includes links to the ISO and IEC magazines and to the supplement Normas al día (Updated standards). You can read it on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media #RevistaUNE.