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UNE Magazine, latest issue now available


​The latest issue of the UNE magazine is now available

  • Accessible tourism for all. The Standard ISO 21902 on accessible tourism will help the industry to know and adapt its services and facilities to people of all ages and abilities. The result will be a more transparent, responsible and inclusive tourism offer.
  • Standards in our life: ISO 21902. The standard covers the entire value chain of the tourism industry. It is aimed at service providers and tour operators, public administrations and tourist destinations. The document includes requirements for travel agencies, train transport, accommodation and museums.
  • The Market Surveillance Observatory: guarantee for consumers. The creation of the Industrial Products Group for professional use within the UNE Market Surveillance Observatory (OVM) permits a vertical approach to the problems of electrical, electronic and construction products that do not conform to Community law.
  • What the members are saying: "UNE's international dimension allows it to share ideas and adopt changes already in place in other countries." Interview with Francisco Alonso, Chairman of CONAIF.
  • Building a common space accessible to all. The second edition of the ISO 21542 Standard specifies a range of requirements and recommendations to ensure an accessible environment for people of all ages and abilities. It includes new features, such as tactile floor tiles, visual contrast, and acoustic and alarm systems, among others.
  • UNE-EN 197-5, the new standard on specifications of cements. The UNE-EN 197 set of standards on cement is complemented by the recently published Part 5. This covers new types of cement that will allow manufacturers of cement structures and applications of cement mortars to reach the climate change targets set by Spain.

In addition:

The digital edition includes links to the ISO and IEC magazines and to the supplement Normas al día (Updated standards). You can read it on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media #RevistaUNE.