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UNE magazine

UNE magazine, September edition now available


The latest issue of the UNE magazine is now available: 

  • UNE 2020 Awards for the best standardization initiativesManuel Carbó, most outstanding chairmanship; Tecnalia award for integration of standardization and innovation; CTN 211 Electric power cables, most outstanding committee, and the company ZITRON for its role in the CTN 100 are the winners in this edition.
  • Standards in our life: Back to school This year, the return to school in September paints a very different picture to previous years. Also in this new scenario, technical standards contribute to the safety and quality of the educational service provided.
In addition: 

The digital edition includes links to the ISO and IEC magazines and to the supplement Normas al día (Updated standards).

You can read it on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media #RevistaUNE.