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Meeting of the Electrotechnical Advisory Committee

Meeting of the Electrotechnical Advisory Committee


The second meeting of the year of the Spanish Electrotechnical Advisory Committee (CCE) was recently held at the headquarters of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE. Este órgano dependiente de la Junta Directiva es el encargado de coordinar la definición de la posición española en cuestiones de carácter técnico, estratégico y de gobierno de la normalización en el sector electrotécnico y de la interacción con la Administración General del Estado en aquellos ámbitos que se consideren necesarios.

At national level, the CCE analysed the treatment that the sector's main national regulations stipulate in standards, placing value on their use as support tools for legislation, but also underlining the need to have an agile and compulsory periodic mechanism that allows its updating to give legal certainty to all economic agents using these regulations. The importance of the new Regulation 2019/1020 on Market Surveillance and Product Conformity and its implementation in the Spanish legal framework was also emphasised, especially in the areas of public-private collaboration when carrying out market surveillance activities.

In reference to the European market, the 2020 Annual European Standardization Work Programme was presented, and the new regulations on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling were reported, and the sector's concern was highlighted in the light of the slow evolution in the citation of standards in the Official Journal of the European Union, especially in the case of LVD, EMC and RED directives, which are of great relevance to the sector.

With regard to the international scenario, the CCE members highlighted the importance of the bilateral meetings and collaboration agreements that UNE is signing with other standardization organisations and that contribute towards facilitating access to international markets for Spanish companies.

The meeting was also used to thank sector companies for participating in the Firm steps communication campaign that places value on being a member of UNE and standardization activity through the sector's strategic vision.