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Recognition of TECNIFUEGO

Recognition of TECNIFUEGO


On 13 June, the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, presented an award to TECNIFUEGO for its commitment and involvement in the standardisation activity. The award was presented during the General Meeting of the Asociación Española para la Protección contra Incendios [Spanish Association for Fire Protection], which was held at the headquarters of the Spanish standardisation body. Antonio Tortosa, Vice-President of TECNIFUEGO, received the award from Julián Caballero, Deputy Managing Director of UNE.

TECNIFUEGO is an Association that is highly committed to quality, as it is a founding member of the Spanish Association for Standardisation and is present on the Association's Governing bodies.

TECNIFUEGO manages the Office of the Technical Standardisation Committee (CTN 23) on Fire Safety, one of the UNE's oldest committees, which currently has nearly 300 standards in force. These standards are largely the result of the adopting European standards on products that are integrated into fire safety systems; but also of Spanish standards developed by UNE.

One of the other standards managed by TECNIFUEGO is the new version of has just been published on supplying water to fight fires, which was published in 2018; this text is extremely important for the sector.

Another important standard is UNE 192005 Statutory inspection procedure. Seguridad contra incendios en los establecimientos industriales, de la que ahora se está desarrollando la segunda para instalaciones de protección contra incendios), en el seno del CTN 192/SC5, grupo que también secretaría TECNIFUEGO.

The fire safety sector is one of the most familiar with the benefits of standardisation; this is a critical sector where there is no room for error. That is why this is one of the few sectors that is aware of the need for uniform parameters that are accepted by all and of the certainty of response provided by standards.

UNE standards are a key tool to help companies and organisations comply with the regulations of the fire safety sector, which is highly regulated at both national and European level. Within Europe, the Regulation on Construction Products applies, as do the decisions that establish the applicable tests and classes for the requirements governing the reaction and resistance to fire of materials. The CTE (technical building code) applies at national level; The RIPCI (Regulation on Fire Protection Facilities) and the RSCIEI (Regulation on Fire Safety in Industrial Premises).

Standards help to regulate and unite the market, as well as to effectively deploy public policies. That is why 12% of the standards in the Spanish catalogue, which comprises 33,000 standards, are cited in legislation.