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​The Specification 0061 has been developed within UNE, with the participation and consensus of a panel of experts from the Administration, sectorial associations, large businesses, and SMEs, as part of a Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism initiative to support Spanish industry in its digitisation process.

The UNE 0061 establece el procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad con los requisitos de la Especificación UNE 0060:2018 Industria 4.0. Digitisation Management System Requirements. UNE 0061 defines the duration of the cycle of ongoing improvement, establishes detailed criteria for assessing compliance with the requirements defined in UNE Specification 0060, and fixes the minimum criteria for fulfilling the requirements for achieving the status of Digital Industry.

Among others requirements, UNE specification 0061 establishes that companies must periodically analyse, with a focus on ongoing improvement, how effective the digitisation of its activities, processes, and products is, and introduce improvement actions. 

In addition, organisations must use technologies and techniques that facilitate their digital transformation, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, massive data processing techniques in suitable time, like Data Analytics or Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or additive manufacturing (3D printing), among other things.

UNE 0060 and 0061 have the so-called High Level structure, common to ISO standards management systems, to facilitate their integration. It also follows the ongoing improvement or PDCA (Pla-Do-Check-Act) cycle.