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The UNE Standard for good governance of organisations has been published


The Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) has published Standard UNE-ISO 37000 on Governance of organisations. Guidance. This is the international standard with the best practices in this field, published in September 2021, that has now been included in the Spanish list of standards.

UNE- ISO 37000 identifies the key principles of governance and provides practical guidance on them: purpose, strategy, accountability, social responsibility and risk governance, among others. Good governance lays the foundation for an organisation's purpose, achieving the following results: effective performance, responsible leadership and ethical behaviour

Among other examples, good governance provides:

  • Improvement of long-term value generation for stakeholders.
  • Effective management of resources.
  • Better resilience and performance of organisations.
  • Improved decision-making effectiveness.
  • Improvement in the composition and retention of talent.
  • Greater investor and creditor confidence.
  • Greater value of intangible assets.

Good corporate governance

This standard includes the new UNE report Good Governance of Organisations, which highlights the important contribution of standardisation in good corporate governance, with the aim of reducing risks, increasing the resilience of companies and guaranteeing business continuity.

The report identifies the standards needed to promote six key aspects of good governance of organisations: corporate, resilience, inter-organisational relations, health and safety at work, digital transformation and sustainable activities. The Spanish standardization body has identified around 40 standards that support the good governance of organizations in these strategic areas.