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The CARBOCERT Guide has been published

The CARBOCERT Best Practices Guide, a project coordinated by UNE, has been published


Now available the CARBOCERT Guide to Best Agricultural Practices for the optimisation of carbon sequestration in agricultural soils in the Mediterranean environment.

This Guide identifies agronomic recommendations to increase carbon sequestration in the agricultural soils of important Mediterranean crops, such as olives, almonds, citrus fruits, vines, wheat and rice.

The purpose of this initiative is to offer a clear and simple guide to implementing a series of agricultural methodologies to six reference Mediterranean crop types. These methodologies have been scientifically proven to be effective, not only in terms of increasing carbon sequestration in soils and perennial structures, but also in matters of biodiversity improvement, water retention.

Los agricultores, técnicos y organizaciones del sector o cualquier persona interesada en la mitigación de emisiones y en las prácticas agrícolas sostenibles tienen a su disposición el acceso a la Guía completa, o a los capítulos independientes específicos de la Guía referentes an una técnica de secuestro de carbono en un cultivo concreto.  

This guide is the result of the work carried out by the CARBOCERT operational group. The aim of the guide is to establish methodologies to increase the carbon captured and stored in agricultural soils and in fixed and lasting plant structures of the main agricultural crops as a result of the application of sustainable agronomic practices. It is led by the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE and has the participation of AENOR, ASAJA, IRTA, IFAPA and AEACSV.