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Reindus approved

Reindus 2020 programme, approved


The Council of Ministers has approved the 2020 Programme for the Re-industrialisation and Strengthening of Industrial Competitiveness, also known as the "Reindus programme," the aim of which is to promote the consolidation of industry after emerging from the crisis arising from COVID-19.

Its objectives include relaunching production and achieving the repositioning of industrial companies in the market, with a faster and more sustainable future recovery. It is also intended to maintain and create more employment in the industrial sector, and to avoid excessive dependence on the foreign market, which has had a strong negative impact on the management of the pandemic."

The programme is aimed at companies affected by economic damage arising from the outbreak of COVID-19, that are legally constituted in Spain and carry out a productive industrial activity, regardless of their size, and that do not form part of the public sector. Investments aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, preventing pollution or introducing the circular economy through the production process will also be financed.

Another area of support includes the productive implementation of technologies from the "Connected Industry 4.0", such as intelligent systems, sensors, virtual reality and 3D printing, robotics and self-driving vehicles within the industrial establishment.

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