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First meeting of the renewed UNE committee on explosives


The technical standardization committee CTN 22/SC 4 "Explosives" of the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), has met to participate in the development of the European Committee for Standardisation CEN/TC 321 Explosives for civil use. This committee, which has been renewed, will be the channel for Spanish interests to exert their influence on the revision of more than 50 European regulations based on Directive 2014/28/EU.

CEN/TC 321 has received a mandate from the European Commission to review and update almost all the standards for which it is responsible. Using these standards, the requirements of Directive 2014/28/EU can be met more efficiently and in an easily understandable way.

The European committee is responsible for the standardisation of explosive substances and articles, including safety requirements, terminology, categorisation and testing methods. Pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, as well as explosives intended for armed police forces, are excluded.

Among others, CTN 22/SC 4 on explosives will review the following standards:

  • UNE EN 13630 "Explosives for civil use - Detonating cords and safety fuses
  • UNE EN 13631 "Explosives for civil use - High explosives"
  • UNE EN 13763 "Explosives for civil use - Detonators and relays"
  • UNE EN 13938 "Explosives for civil use - Propellants and rocket propellants"

CTN 22/SC 4 involves experts from all interested parties: research centres and testing methods, explosives manufacturers, public administrations and universities. The Secretariat is the responsibility of the LOM - "José María de Madariaga" Official Laboratory. Standards are drafted by consensus of the LOM experts.