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First worldwide standard on accessible tourism for all, led by the ONCE Foundation, UNWTO and UNE


ISO acaba de publicar la primera norma mundial sobre turismo accesible, la ISO 21902 Turismo y servicios relacionados – Turismo accesible para todos – Requisitos y recomendaciones. This international standard has been led by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), ONCE Foundation and the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE. In this way, our country, in collaboration with the UNWTO, positions itself once again as an international benchmark in standardization.

This international standard, which implements best practices, will firmly contribute to ensuring that all persons can enjoy tourism in equal conditions, taking into account the needs of the over 1,000 million people around the world who live with disabilities.

From today, this standard is also available in Spanish as UNE-ISO 21902, having been translated and adopted into the national catalogue of standards managed by UNE.

This is a pioneering cross-sector international standard, focused on accessible tourism throughout the entire tourism industry value chain. The standard is aimed at both service providers and tour operators, as well as public administrations and tourist destinations.

UNE-ISO 21902 establishes the requirements and recommendations for accessible tourism. For example, for a beach to be considered accessible, it must have showers, toilets and pathways that can be used by all persons. Accessible pedestrian paths in the natural realm should have, among other aspects, a smooth and continuous surface, and there should be signage along the path and route details clearly shown before the start of the route.

This standard aims to become a key tool that will enable all persons to access their right to enjoy tourism and leisure. Despite the progress made in recent decades, in many countries there is still a way to go for the tourism sector to cater for the needs of the over 1,000 persons around the world who live with disabilities.

This worldwide standard has been drawn up by the International Committee for Standardization ISO/TC 228 Tourism and related services, in which the UNWTO coordinated the WG14 work group, bringing together 85 experts from more than 35 countries and five relevant organizations in this field, to draft the standard. Furthermore, the ONCE Foundation took on the technical leadership and UNE acted as secretariat and ISO coordinator.

The standard was presented to the public today at an event in Servimedia, with the participation of Jesús Hernández, Director of Accessibility and Innovation at the ONCE Foundation; Javier García, Managing Director of UNE and Marina Diotallevi, Director of the Department of 'Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility' of the UNWTO.

Among the promotional activities being held to mark its publication, you can get a 5% discount when you purchase the standard, by entering the promo-code PROM_UNE21902 when purchasing here. The promotion will run until 30 July. 

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