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Introducing a pioneering standard for child protection in Spain, promoted by Porticus in Iberia


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published the UNE 0070 Specification, promoted by Porticus in Iberia, a new standard that aims to promote a culture to protect children, adolescents and vulnerable people against violence.

This standard is a useful tool that will serve as a reference, support and continuous improvement for public administrations, organizations in the tertiary sector and other social action organizations, and the fields of education, sport, leisure or free time that work with minors and vulnerable members of the community.

UNE Specification 0070 includes elements to enable organizations to demonstrate their ability to effectively implement protection measures to protect against violence in their realm of activity and to contribute to creating protective environments. The new standard not only seeks to prevent abuse, but also presents a series of guidelines that help organizations establish good dynamics and mutual treatment and care within organizations that work for, with and on behalf of minors and vulnerable persons, on the basis of recognising each person's inherent dignity.

The group developing the standard was governed by María González (Porticus Iberia) as president, UNE as secretary, and Tomás Aller, Founder and CEO of the Institute of Innovation, Development and Social Impact (iidis), as project leader, with the participation of a number of tertiary sector entities working with minors and vulnerable persons, together with universities, other donor entities and stakeholders. The UNE standards are drafted with the participation and consensus of all the parties involved.

Specification UNE 0070 was presented at an event that was inaugurated by Paloma García, Director of Standardization Programmes and Stakeholder Engagement at UNE. The seminar was attended by María González, Country Manager of Porticus Iberia; Irene Salgado, Programme Manager of Porticus Iberia; Marta Fernández, UNE's Head of Governance, Ethics and SR; Ricardo Ibarra, director of the Platform of Childhood Organizations (POI); Jorge Cardona, Professor of Public International Law at the University of Valencia and former member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and Tomás Aller, CEO and founder of the Institute of Innovation, Development and Social Impact (iidis).

A round table was also held to analyse the impact of this new standard, with the participation of Raimon Novell, coordinator of the Children's Protection Team of the Champagnat and Maristas Foundation; Restituto Ramos, Head of Social Innovation at the Foundation for Education and Cooperation; María Eugenia Larrégola, Director of Institutional Relations and Communication at Fundación Lealtad; Virginia Cagigal, Director of UNINPSI, the Clinical Psychology Unit at Comillas Pontifical University, and Myriam Cabrera, Chair of the Rights of the Child at Comillas Pontifical University.

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UNE Meeting - Porticus: UNE 0070 specification for child protection