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UNE's position on “Horizon Europe”

UNE's position on “Horizon Europe”


​Taking into account existing standards and helping generate new standards in R&D projects is a way to increase their dissemination and exploitation opportunities, or, in other words, maximize their impact on the market and society. This role has been recognised by the European Union in various communications.

However, standardisation is still not used in a general way in projects because it is only demanded in certain cases (somewhere between 20% and 30% of H2020 calls), the opposite of what happens with other impact-promoting activities, like communication and industrial property. More use of this tool in the R&D+i projects would mean that the results obtained thanks to public financing would be of greater benefit to European industry and economy. This coincides squarely with the objectives set by the European Union for the programme.

UNE has drawn up a document aimed at raising the awareness of interest groups and national and European public authorities on the benefits of standardisation for R&D+i projects, proposing improvements in some related aspects that should be strengthened in the planning and development of the Horizon Europe 9th framework programme. These recommendations will resonate more if they come from various sources, which is why we hope they will be shared and expressed by these interested parties.

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