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Paloma García receives the 2022 Commitment to the Profession Award from itSMF España


Paloma García, UNE's Director of Standardisation Programmes and Stakeholders, has been awarded the 2022 Commitment to the Profession Award by itSMF España. The Association's Board of Directors of gave her this award in recognition of her track record, merits, achievements and "outstanding commitment" to governing and managing the Information Technology Department.

"Digital transformation is a key aspect for business development. Furthermore, management and good governance are essential components of sustainable growth for companies. For this reason, it is an honour for me to receive this award, which recognises this philosophy, and I would like to share it with all my colleagues at UNE, where we work to make standardisation an effective tool in this process," Paloma García said in her acceptance speech.

The awards ceremony took place on 25 May as part of the 2nd Night of Governance and Service Management in Spain, held in Madrid. The ceremony highlighted the award winners' contributions to promoting a more responsible awareness of technology and good practices that allow innovation to become a useful channel for progress that provides guarantees and value for society.

itSMF España knows that governance and service management are a necessity and introduced these awards to highlight the achievements of the people who work in this area in both the public arena and private sector in large and small companies.