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New UNE members


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, wishes to welcome two new members who have just joined its association base: UNEmadera (Spanish Wood and Furniture Business Union) and ICAB (Honourable Bar Association of Barcelona).

Being a member means belonging a network of multisectoral and international contacts, a model case of public-private partnership. The Association comprises over 500 members representing practically the whole of Spain's business network. These include relevant national sector associations, as well as large companies, SMEs and public administrations.

UNE's membership distinguishes organisations with a superior strategic view of their value contribution to their sector and the Spanish economy as a whole. UNE members are committed to the quality of the products and services of their respective sectors, through the development standards that help companies and administrations successfully overcome their major challenges.

In addition, being a member of UNE improves the influence of the organisations on international and European standards, which are essential for their competitiveness.

Technical standards contain the market consensus on good practice for dealing with key issues for organisations, and they are the language spoken by international markets; in fact, 80% of world trade is subject to them, according to the OECD. Standards bring economic benefits.

All companies that wish to do so can join UNE: corporate (sector associations), members (companies and institutions) and individuals.