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New success of Spanish standardisation in H2020

New success of Spanish standardisation in H2020


On 3 July, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published the regulatory document CWA 17437 Innovative and adaptable components on existing façades for building rehabilitation. Guide for design, economic assessment, logistics and installation.

This new regulatory document has been developed within the framework of the R&D&I Project H2020 BRESAER, and has been led by Spain. The project has been directed by Acciona, while the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has promoted and coordinated work among the various European organisations that have participated in the development of this CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement).

This document is aimed at designers, manufacturers and users of ventilated façades for the development and implementation of an industrialised envelope system, which combines consolidated and cutting-edge technologies in order to contribute to the energy saving and efficiency of buildings, in accordance with the climate objectives of the European Strategy 2020 and the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

Spain is an international leader in standardisation. Spanish standards are increasingly being used as the basis for drawing up documents of a global and European scope, leading the world in fields such as accessibility, tourism, sustainability in construction, compliance, smart cities or innovation.

In addition, Spanish experts head up 127 international and European technical standardization bodies.