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New European compatibility labelling between road vehicles and fuels

New European compatibility labelling between road vehicles and fuels


On 12 October the new European standard on compatibility labelling between road vehicles and fuels (Directive 2014/94/EU) will come into force, aimed at improving the information given to consumers due to the wide variety of fuels available. For this reason, the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, has presented standard UNE-EN 16942, which indicates what the new labels should be like and where they should be positioned. The presentation took place in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Explanatory guides were also presented for users and agents in the sector, prepared by the associations ANFAC (Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers), ANESDOR (National Association of Companies in the Two Wheel Sector), AOP (Spanish Association of Petroleum Product Operators) and UPI (Union of Independent Oil Workers).

The UNE-EN 16942 standard originated in Europe. It has been adopted into the Spanish standards catalogue and fulfils the new European legislation. This standard specifies the 13 labels specific for each type of fuel: from petroleum derivatives, to biofuels, and including natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen and its mixtures.

The guides drawn up by the associations ANFAC, ANESDOR, AOP and UPI explain the purpose of the fuel identifiers and labels, their design, and on which vehicles they will appear. Among other locations, these labels will appear close to the filler cap or the tank cover on new vehicles or in their user manuals, and may also appear in the electronic manuals available through a vehicle's multimedia centre.

When users arrive at a service station and open the fuel filler cap on their vehicle, a common fuel identifier will be visible both on the vehicle and on the pump and nozzle, providing a guide as to whether the fuel is compatible with your vehicle. Further information in the Press Release.