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New UNE standard for the preventive maintenance of lifts


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has just published a new standard of great relevance for the sector devoted to: the Standard UNE 58720:2020 Preventive lift maintenance..

Due to the nature of the risks related to the use of lifts, increasingly covered by European harmonised standards, the maintenance of these devices, especially preventive ones, and the carrying out of mandatory periodic inspections, are fundamental elements to guaranteeing the safety of users and technical staff.

This Spanish standard establishes how preventive maintenance checks should be carried out during mandatory revisions to which lifts included in the current Regulations relating to the Complementary Technical Instruction ITC AEM1 for lifts must be submitted. Its main purpose is to provide a uniform level of safety to all existing lifts, by implementing the same preventive maintenance base.

This standard has been drawn up by UNE's technical standardisation committee CTN 321 Lifts, escalators and mobile platforms, at the request of the General Sub-Directorate for Quality and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Tourism, with the participation and consensus of the sector's agents: maintenance companies, control bodies, Public Administrations and workers' representatives.

Solid support for legislation

12% of UNE standards of the almost 33,000 standards in the Spanish catalogue are cited in national legislation, which support the effective deployment of public policies.

Among other advantages, the direct reference of UNE standards in the various regulations allows legal texts to be simplified, making it simpler and easier for companies to comply with legal requirements. It also fosters the capacity of Administrations to adapt to technological advances or create a framework for the innovation of products and services.