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materials for manufacturing healthcare products

New UNE standard for materials used for manufacturing healthcare products


The current health crisis caused by COVID-19 has generated the need for the mass production of medical and healthcare products, and face masks in particular.

These products are mainly made from non-woven fabrics, as they are materials that do not present known risks of irritation or adverse health effects. They are hypoallergenic, biocompatible and harmless, breathable and repel liquids and fluids. In addition, independently or combined with other materials, they provide high protection against infections and diseases.

In relation to these materials, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published standard UNE-EN ISO 9092:2020 Nonwovens. Vocabulary, a revision of the old version that only included the definition of the term Nonwoven.

In this new standard, the object and field of application has been expanded to include auxiliary terminology to distinguish non-woven materials from other materials.

This standard has been drawn up in the CTN 40 Textile Industries, whose Secretariat is held by CIE