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acoustic standard

New standard on environmental noise


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published the new version of the UNE-ISO 1996 acoustic standard, which establishes the quality requirements for the measurement and assessment of environmental noise.

This standard is the reference point for the entire acoustic environment, the basis for the development of legislation, testing protocols, accreditations and measurements of sound quality.

UNE-ISO 1996 consists of two parts. The UNE-ISO 1996-1:2020 Acústica. Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise. Part 1: Basic magnitudes and assessment methods, identical to the 2016 ISO version.

The standard includes the terms and definitions sections, descriptors for environmental noise, nuisance and community noise, unique and combined assessment levels, single and combined noise sources, intervals, propagation and uncertainty.

Furthermore, UNE-ISO 1996-2:2020 Acústica. Descripción, medición y evaluación del ruido ambiental. Parte 2: Determinación de los niveles de presión sonora, identical to the 2017 ISO version.

The standard includes the terms and definitions sections, measurement uncertainty, instrumentation, long-term monitoring, calibration, road, rail, air traffic and industrial plants, weather conditions, propagation, assessment of climate change impact on results with corrections and determinations for short- and/or long-term measures.

The ISO international standards for management systems are regularly revised to adapt to the new needs of organisations, the changing challenges of society and the economy, and technological advances.

This standard has been developed within the framework of the UNE Technical Standardisation Committee CTN 74/SC 1 Noise, with the participation and consensus of leading organisations. The following organisations have participated in its preparation: AECOR, Audiotec, Brüel & Kjaer, CESVA, EMS Brüel & Kjaer (which chairs the committee), Eurocontrol, ICR, Isover, SEA, UCA and UVA.

The standard is available on the AENOR website.