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Standards and accreditation for public procurement


​Technical standards and accreditation are increasingly efficient tools in the support of the implementation of public policies. ENAC and UNE have drawn up the “Download the Guide on the use of standards and accreditation in public procurement".

Act 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts, which came into force in March, and which seeks to provide greater transparency, achieve a better quality-price relationship, and greater economic rationality of public funds, considers that public purchasing processes must include qualitative, environmental, social, and innovative aspects so that the "award criteria allow high quality work, supplies and services to be obtained."

For this reason, and to facilitate the full use of technical standards and accreditation in purchasing processes by contracting authorities, ENAC and UNE have drawn up the "Guide to using standards and the accreditation in public procurement." The guide was recently presented as part of the signing of a collaboration agreement between UNE and ENAC in the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

Is an eminently practical publication, offering guidelines and advice on how to search for rules that are applicable to an activity, how to cite them correctly, and how to reference the accreditation in different cases. It also provides orientation for the aspects the contracting authorities must take into account when considering whether or not these requirements are properly satisfied by tenderers.

To help with this, the publication includes a set of annexes with specific examples of references to standards and accreditation, as well as information on the role of standardisation and accreditation from a more global perspective.