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Standardisation on Industrial Safety

Standardisation on Industrial Safety


​The Spanish Federation of Associations of Inspection Bodies (FEDAOC) has held its 2nd conference on Industrial Safety, bringing together the leading experts in industrial safety in the Administration, the Ministry of Industry and the Autonomous Communities. Participants included FEPYMA, TECNIFUEGO, BEQUINOR and FEEDA, all members of UNE. Javier García, General Director of UNE, presented a speech entitled "Standardisation in Industrial Safety: CTN 192 Inspection”.

The CTN 192 Regulatory Inspection Committee draws up standards that outline inspection models for each of the different activities to be carried out by the Inspection Bodies. Its legislative framework is Royal Decree 1072/2015, which regulates the Quality Infrastructure Regulation. The technical standards developed by this committee are intended to become tools of support for industrial safety regulations, their instructions and technical guides.

This year, six standards supporting industrial safety regulations for low-voltage installations have been added to the UNE standards catalogue and pressure equipment. They are the UNE 192007-2-12:2018 standard Procedure for regulatory inspection. Low-voltage electrical installations. Part 2-12: Common installations in residential buildings; UNE 192007-2-28 Procedure for regulatory inspection. Electrical installations of Low voltage. Part 2-28: Public meeting rooms; UNE 192011-0 Procedure for regulatory inspection. Pressure equipment. Part 0: General requirements; UNE 192011-4 Procedure for regulatory inspection. Pressure equipment. Part 4: Specific requirements for cryogenic tanks; UNE 192011-5 Procedure for regulatory inspection. Pressure equipment. Part 5: Specific requirements for bottles for self-contained breathing apparatus; and UNE 192011-6 Procedure for regulatory inspection. Pressure equipment. Part 6: Specific requirements for transportable pressure vessels. Gas charging centres.

FEDAOC was founded in 2015 by integrating 14 regional associations in the field and over 50 specialised companies in accordance with the regulations, to verify the safety conditions of public and private equipment and installations.