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Standards in the HVAC field

Standards in the HVAC field


The Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers (AFEC) has recently held a conference in which the most outstanding technical and legislative issues for 2018 related to the field of air conditioning were discussed; a total of nearly 70 professionals representing 34 companies attended.

Professionals from the industry gave different presentations. Amongst whom were Paloma García, UNE's Manager for Standardisation Programmes and Interest Groups, and Rafael Postigo, UNE's Manager for Equipment and Mechanical Installations, who explained the advantages that AFEC's Partners have when purchasing Standards; they also presented the Sectoral Report on Air Conditioning entitled "Support for Standardisation of Public Policies in the Field of Air Conditioning", a copy of which was handed out to the attendees.

On the other hand, not only UNE's importance as a national standardisation body but also as a multi-sectoral association for sectoral organisations was also highlighted. UNE's recently granted honorary membership in AFEC was also acknowledged, in recognition and proof of the Association's commitment to the work carried out by the Spanish standardisation body and its support for developing technical standards.