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UNE Standard 302002

UNE Standard 302002


Standard UNE 302002:2018 provides more than 1600 Spanish museums and museum collections of different sizes, subject matter, locations and ownership with an essential tool to improve the quality of their services regarding visits and complementary activities, with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing, providing and enriching visitor experience.

Standard UNE 302002:2018 has been developed in the work group CTN 302/GT 2 Museums and museum collections, under the coordination of the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality) and the leadership of the General Sub-directorate of State Museums.

It is structured, like the most tourist standards, over three major sections. The first block, dedicated to obligations of the museum management with regard to the quality management system, includes aspects such as establishing objectives, the management of human resources and the commitment to ongoing improvement. For example, the museum must define and have at hand a set of indicators in order to monitor the service rendered and measure the visitors' satisfaction.

The second major section is dedicated to the service provision and includes requirements and recommendations related to accessibility, information and communication, visitor service, booking and ticket sales, and the visit and loyalty of the visitor.

The third section is dedicated to the management of the facilities and equipment, including accumbent elements such as signage and security, together with aspects of exposition space, toilets, sales area and parking.

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