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Standard UNE 158401

Standard UNE 158401


​A new version of Standard UNE 158401 for services that promote personal independence has been published. Management of telecare services. Requirements, specifying the requirements of quality and level of service of telecare services.

This standard applies to public and private telecare services, in basic and advanced forms, as well as services rendered inside and outside the home.

The preparation of this new version of the standard has entailed the review, analysis and update of the 2007 version, but taking into account aspects such as technological development and accessibility and customization of the service. 
The Technical Committee for Standardization CTN 158/SC4 "Telecare", in charge of preparing this Standard, has had the support of the CTN 133/GT3 "Accessibility" working group of the CTN 133 "Telecommunications" in order to update the aspects detailed in the Standard.