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New Standard for the examination of microorganisms in water


The Spanish Standardisation Association, UNE, has published the new version of Standard UNE-EN ISO 8199, which establishes the requirements and guidance for the handling mechanisms that are common to different cultivation techniques for examining the microbiology of water.

This document focuses on preparing samples and culture media, the equipment and materials used, as well as the various techniques available for detecting and counting cultures, together with the criteria for determining the most appropriate technique for each case.

This new version incorporates updates to different parts of the standard:

  • It includes new terms, methods of detection and functioning characteristics and analytical quality control
  • It reviews the chapters on culture media and the preparation and quality control of diluents to harmonize them with standard UNE-EN-ISO 11133
  • It updates the guidance for calculating results for solid media techniques to include amendments to standard UNE-EN-ISO 7218
  • It adds a new annex with instructions on confidence intervals when calculating in special situations
  • It adds a new annex that describes calculations in the event of duplicated plate use due to dilution
  • It expands the section on liquid media

The standard is principally applicable to the analysis of bacteria, yeasts and moulds, and may be used to some extent for the analysis of bacteriophages, viruses and parasites.