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UNE standards, recognised by the United Nations as tools for achieving the SDGs


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE, has updated its website to include the contribution of standards to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This repository includes more than 20,000 technical standards and 40 case studies on standards and SDGs.

Spain has contributed with five cases; four relating to the role of standards developed by Spanish technical standardisation committees and one relating to a European standard with a significant participation by Spanish experts. The Spanish cases are the following:

These cases are an example of UNE's contribution to seeking solutions for the challenges facing society, and also allow UNE to be recognised as an organisation that integrates ecosystem services at all levels of governance. An activity within the framework of the UNE 2025 Strategy, which is consistent with the Agenda 2030 and in which each of the strategic objectives is aligned with its corresponding SDGs.

"Standards are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals," says UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algayerova. "By establishing technical specifications and procedures, standards facilitate product compliance, reduce transaction costs, and ensure the safety of products, processes, and services. As instruments borne by research, collaboration and innovation, standards – including those developed at UNECE – play a fundamental role in accelerating economic growth and disseminating best practices techniques, driving progress for the 2030 Agenda."