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New CTN Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Standardization Committee launched


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE has set up a new Technical Standardization Committee, CTN 323 Circular Economy, becoming the first to tackle the Circular Economy in a comprehensive manner and from a multisectoral perspective.

The inaugural meeting of this new Committee took place today, 27 June, at the headquarters of the Spanish standardization body. It was set up with enormous anticipation, and involved 130 experts from 75 organizations, including important Spanish national associations, companies, SMEs, and the ministries for Ecological Transition, Development and Health, and Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.

During the meeting, María Jesús Rodríguez, Director of CEDEX's Centre for Applied Technical Studies, was elected Chairman of the CTN 323, representing the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

UNE is a successful model of public-private collaboration and the appropriate platform for access to the global standardization system. The Association has more than 500 members, representing practically all fields of Spanish production, including 140 national sectoral associations.

The objective of the UNE Committee on the Circular Economy is to channel Spain's position in the development of international and European standards in this field, as well as develop horizontal national standards that help organizations to successfully overcome their challenges within the Circular Economy.

This Committee will directly channel Spanish influence in the development of global standards. These are developed within ISO/TC 323 Circular Economy of the International Standards Organization or the CEN/CLC/JTC 10 Ecodesign, material efficiency of energy-related products within the European standardization bodies CEN and CENELEC, which focus on the Circular Economy as a global concept and with a multisectoral application.

In addition, UNE recently constituted the Circular Economy Advisory Committee, which reports to its Board of Directors. It has agreed to promote the creation of the CTNE on Circular Economy to ensure Spanish interests are represented in horizontal issues at the European and international levels and, at the same time, focus on cross-cutting national initiatives in this matter.