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Meeting of European cybersecurity experts in Madrid


From 24 to 26 March, the European standardization technical committee responsible for the development of standards on cybersecurity and data protection will hold several meetings in Madrid. These standards will guarantee the progress of the digital age in terms of quality and trust. The The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, will be the hosting organization.

As a member of UNE's standardization committee CTN 320, Telefónica, through its cybersecurity unit ElevenPaths, will host the event in Distrito Telefónica, the company's headquarters in Madrid. The event is expected to attract 60 European experts accredited by standardization organizations from over 30 European countries, including Spain, which will be represented by UNE. The meetings will discuss the development of new key European standards on cybersecurity and data protection, based on best practices and consensus.

The event will close on 27 March with a technical session presenting the resolutions of the working meetings, together with the international standardization scenario and its connection with the cybersecurity regulatory environment.

CTN 320:

Cybersecurity is a key priority in UNE’s Strategic Plan. Thus, UNE fosters the influence and participation of the Spanish sector in the development of standards supporting the creation of the EU Cybersecurity Framework, as well as actions aimed at helping to achieve the objectives of the Spanish National Cybersecurity Strategy.

To this effect, UNE has established the national standardization technical committee CTN 320 on cybersecurity and personal data protection, a mirror committee of the European CEN/CLC JTC13 in Spain. The CTN 320 is comprised of over 150 members from 70 cybersecurity organizations.

Spain is actively involved in this European committee. In fact, CEN/CLC JTC13 Working Group 3 on Security evaluation and assessment is chaired by fellow Spaniard, Miguel Bañón. Likewise, the LINCE methodology elaborated by the Spanish National Cryptology Centre (CCN) will contribute to the development of the future standard on information security assessment for ICT products by providing support to the establishment of the EU Cybersecurity Framework.