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UNE to confront the crisis on SICUR COVID

UNE standards to tackle the crisis on SICUR COVID


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has presented its standards to help companies cope with the crisis on SICUR COVID, the new IFEMA platform offering useful content and information to help companies and businesses adapt to the current scenario.

Through different videos, the Spanish standardisation body will be hosting different presentations on the contribution of UNE standards to business management and the quality and safety of products for reducing risks against COVID-19. 

These initiatives include: 

  • The UNE 0066 Specifications, developed together with the ICTE, establish the guidelines and recommendations for reducing the risk of the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector.
  • The UNE 0069 Specification, developed together with PANASEF, establishes the hygienic and sanitary requirements and recommendations for funeral companies.
  • The UNE 0064 and 0065 Specifications for hygienic masks, which establish the minimum requirements that must be met by reusable and non-reusable hygienic masks.
  • The UNE 0068 Specification, endorsed by ANFALUM, establishes the safety requirements for the use of UVC radiation for the disinfection of premises and surfaces.

The information and videos can be found in the 9 July session.

SICUR COVID is an online hybrid event that offers content designed, with the help of public administrations and relevant associations and sector organizations, to confront the current scenario.

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