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Spain, leader in the review of the European standard for portable toilets


The standard UNE-EN 16194:2012 for Mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins specifies the requirements of the products and services related with the supply of these cabins and the associated sanitary products.

Since the end of 2020, and due to the situation generated by COVID-19 and the drastic measures taken to control the pandemic, the review has begun of the standard to adapt it to the guidelines set by the authorities regarding safety, health, hygiene and sanitation in construction sites regarding the use of mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins. The initiative for reviewing this European standard was launched in the UNE CTN 134 committee "Waste Management", with Spain leading the project.

This need has given way to a more rigorous review of the standard, based on the waste storage capacity, the frequency of use by workers and users of the mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins, the maximum number of uses per toilet/application segment and the minimum mandatory frequency of cleaning and emptying the tank. The standard is expected to be published at the end of 2022.

The standard is adapted to each application segment, specifying, in each case, its characteristics and development, the number of portable cabins to be provided and the extent of cleaning required and emptying of the deposits.

With these changes, the standard aims to harmonise the supply and installation of mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins in Europe and to be a reference in its respective specific directives and regulations in safety, health, hygiene and sanitation on mobile and temporary building sites, seasonal work in agriculture, at beaches, public events in construction works and in public and/or private events.