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Management of used tyres

UNE standards help to comply with the new Royal Decree on the management of used tyres


On Friday 7 August, Royal Decree 731/2020 on the management of used tyres was published, which will accelerate the transition of this sector to a circular economy model.

This new Royal Decree, approved at the proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, amends Royal Decree 1619/2005. This is a prior step before adapting to the new requirements of the expanded responsibility of the producer that will be introduced through the transposition of the new Directive (EU) 2018/851 on the subject, for which the Government is currently processing the preliminary draft of the Waste and Contaminated Soils Act.

The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), contributes to the deployment of ecological transition policies and, in this case, to the fulfilment of this Royal Decree through the Standard UNE 69051 Neumáticos, llantas y válvulas. Ciclo de uso del neumático. Neumáticos de segunda mano, quoted in the Royal Decree. This Standard defines the technical specifications that a tyre must meet in order to be able to be reused as a second use tyre.

The purpose of Standard UNE 69051 is to establish a framework for the proper management of used tyres and to set the classification criteria between those that are not reusable and those that are susceptible to being reused as second-hand tyres; in order to establish the necessary processes that guarantee the appropriate safety levels for subsequent assembly in a vehicle.

This standard also provides the guidelines necessary for the preparation process for the reuse of the replaced tyres on vehicles, which are called used tyres.

 On the other hand, even if it is not cited in this Royal Decree, the Standard UNE 69050 Neumáticos, llantas y válvulas. Ciclo de uso del neumático. Manual de mantenimiento, reparación y reesculturado de neumáticos can be of great help, especially in the case of retreaded tyres.

This standard is designed to establish the basic requirements that must be met by the installations dedicated to classification for the reuse, assembly, repair, regrooving and maintenance of tyres; with regard to their installations, personnel, equipment and materials, and, mainly in the procedures and criteria to be followed for the inspection, repair and maintenance of tyres.

In addition, the standard defines the action procedures, such as the initial inspection of tyres, the identification and classification of defects, the determination of the repair and selection of the repair method and materials, the procedures for regrooving and repairing and the inflation and assembly of repaired tyres.