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European economic recovery

Standards will be a driver of the EU's economic recovery


The online event Impact of Standardization on European economic recovery, organized by the standardization body Instituto Português da Qualidade-IPQ, was held today as part of Portugal's European Presidency. 

Thierry Breton (European Domestic Market Commissioner) highlighted the role of technical standards in the European economic recovery process in the recently published review of the Industrial Strategy for Europe and the 14 ecosystems defined. And he stressed that in the scenario that lies ahead for the European continent "having the standard will mean having the market".

Kerstin Jorna (Director General of Domestic Market and Industry for the EC) showcased the European standardization system, which is unique in the world and preserves the values of the European Union. And she accentuated that "standards propel the innovation and competitiveness of companies". The system must respond smoothly and swiftly to the priorities being identified, such as green manufacturing and consumption or digitalization, providing tools for the development of new market areas in which Europe is at the forefront.

The European Commission, enterprise confederations, consumer associations and the European standardization bodies CEN, CENELEC and ESTI are vouching for a European standardization system that supports the objectives of European technological leadership, primarily in the areas of ecological transition and digital transformation; two of the major challenges facing Europe.

Technical standards are key elements for the proper functioning of the single market and Europe's economic recovery. They promote a more competitive industry, strengthening value chains and access to global markets.