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Meeting of the Electrotechnical Advisory Committee


​On 18 October, the second meeting of the year of the UNE Electrotechnical Advisory Committee was held. This committee is made up of UNE members from the electrical and electronic industry and government agencies. At this meeting, they had the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to the sector, at both the national and international levels.

One of the topics of interest was the upcoming publication of the guide to joint public-private collaboration to detect cases of non-compliance in the field of electrical and telecommunications products. This document is intended to provide a tool for market surveillance authorities to take decisions and undertake official actions involving products that are found to be non-compliant.

Another notable national issue was the technical review process and the references to standards involving the Electrotechnical Regulation for Low Voltage, as a result of the need to adapt the safety regulations of installations to the new general situation of self-supply. 

In the international field, the meeting discussed the Sustainable Products Initiative, which will review the Directive on ecodesign and propose additional legislative measures in order to make products marketed in the EU more sustainable, and the European Cyber Resilience Act, which is currently in the public consultation stage. Also discussed was the IEC initiative on standardization activities that address the Carbon Footprint Assessment of Products for the electrotechnical sector.  ​