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Standardisation takes the lead with initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint


COP26, headlines around the world. In recent years, there has been increasing concern about climate change and its potential effect on humans. Scarcity of basic resources, such as water, and an increase in phenomena such as droughts, fires and extreme snowfalls is now a likelihood.

Over the next few days, some of the world's most powerful people will be tackling these issues in Glasgow. At UNE, we want to highlight the importance of standardisation as part of the global effort to reduce climate change.

Approximately twenty specific UNE standards focus on this topic, with the aim of reducing our ecological footprint. The Technical Standardisation Committee, dedicated to combating climate change, is in charge of developing these standards. This is a forum in which experts from various fields share their knowledge to generate standards that help companies take the most appropriate measures.

A good example of these standards is the UNE-EN ISO 14064-1, which offers guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals. The UNE-EN ISO 14064-2 includes guidance at the project level for reducing GHG emissions and verifying this reduction; and the UNE-EN ISO 14067 it allows companies and organisations to determine the specific emissions associated with a product or service and the carbon footprint of its life cycle.

These are just some examples of standards developed by standards organisations in this endeavour. We are fortunate to receive collaboration from the international organisations ISO, CEN and Cenelec, which, as powerhouses of knowledge, coordinate standardisation activity around the world. Together, we create and collect best practices in order to ensure that companies, organisations and governments have the tools to move forward in the fight against this and other similar challenges.