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Standardisation day – 25 April

Standardisation day – 25 April


On 25 April a meeting will take place in Barcelona on the importance of intervening in the process for drawing up a standard, organised by the Multi-sector Business Association (AMEC).

The meeting "Why is it important to intervene in the process for drawing up a standard?" will be a platform for the presentation of the national standardisation system developed by the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, which directly affects the industrial sectors integrated in the AMEC.

Standardisation contributes to addressing the challenges facing the organisations in aspects such as exporting to new markets; the increasing relevance of innovation and the digital world; training and education and lastly the development of the company's social responsibility, to contribute actively and voluntarily to the social, economic and environmental improvement of all society. Standardisation is aimed at creating a series of technical specifications, standards, which organizations choose to use as a guarantee that demonstrates the quality and safety of their operations and products.