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CEOE seminar on the Circular Economy


On 31 January, the session "Implementation of Circular Economy solutions: standardisation, ecodesign." was held at the CEOE headquarters, and which was participated by leading experts from companies, Public Administrations and standardisation.

Iván Moya, secretary of the Technical Standardisation Committee (CTN) 323 Circular Economy of the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, presented the contribution of technical standards in the transition towards a Circular Economy.

Standards are promoting this new model, establishing a common understanding on principles, strategies and practices in this area. Standards reflect the market consensus on best practices in key aspects for the competitiveness of organisations, providing an effective response to the major challenges they face.

To this end, the Spanish standardisation body has created the technical standardisation committee CTN 323, formed of 140 experts and 80 organisations from all the parties involved, the way for exerting direct influence to ensure Spanish organisations are heard by the global and European forums where the standards that enable them to compete are created.

In fact, in the international field, standards are developed in the ISO/TC 323 Circular Economy, the first committee to consider the Circular Economy from a global point of view.

In Europe, work is being done on CEN/CLC JTC 10 Energy-related products – Material Efficiency Aspects for Ecodesign, que responden an una solicitud de la Comisión Europea para el desarrollo de normas relacionadas con el ecodiseño desde el enfoque de eficiencia en el uso de los materiales, dando soporte a la Directive 2009/125/EC on ecodesign.

In parallel, UNE has created the Circular Economy Consultation Commission, a multisector and transverse working group for dialogue between members of the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, and the Public Administrations. It comprises 45 experts, including a number of important national Spanish sectoral associations, various Ministries and other key actors.

Photo: CEOE